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This page contains links to the dissemination materials produced by the WALES project


Presentations in the first year of the project included:


The WALES project was presented as a case study at the IANIS+ e-Learning Working Group policy seminar in Brussels on 14th March 2007:

IANIS+ Presentation 14-03-07 


The project was also presented to the Wales ILT Champions meeting on 24th May 2007 at Gelli Aur, Llandeilo:

ILT meeting.ppt


The next opportunity to disseminate the activities of the project was at the IANIS+ Annual Conference in Bilbao, Spain on 14th June 2007 where Prof Toole gave a keynote presentation: 

IANIS+ Conference Bilbao 


This was followed by a presentation at the ALT-C conference in Nottingham on 5th September 2007:

ALT-C 2007 Conference paper


Two papers were presented at the Wales e-Learning Strategy Conference on 13th November 2007: 

E-Learning Strategy Conference paper 1

E-Learning Strategy Conference paper 2


The project was presented at the Glamorgan lunchtime e-Learning Seminar on 14th November 2007:

Lunchtime Seminar Presentation


Presentations in the second year of the project included:


The work of the project was presented at the JISC Learning and Teaching Experts group meeting in Bristol on 28th March 2008:

WALES presentation JISC LT experts group.ppt


It was also presented at the HE in FE cluster group meeting on 17th June 2008:

WALES 17th June presentation.ppt


Two papers at the ALT-C conference in Leeds on 9th-11th September 2008 drew on the work of the WALES project:

ALT-C 2008 Tony Toole.ppt 


Similarly, the work was outlined at a Wales Entrepreneurship Champions seminar on 27th November 2008:

EC Network meeting Nov08.ppt


The final dissemination event for the project was held at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff on 3rd April 2009. The event included the dissemination for the JISC eTutor project and ReCITE project, as well as a keynote presentation by Professor Andy Lane, Director of OpenLearn at the OU.


JISC project dissemination conference.doc

Delegate List:

Delegate List.doc


WALES Project presentation by Prof Tony Toole

Conference Keynote presentation by Prof Andy Lane

Discussion Summary:

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