Welcome to the WALES Website


WALES (Work-based Access to Learning through E-Services) is a JISC funded project to evaluate the use of mobile technology and social software in support of on-line learners.


The broad aim of the WALES project is to:

Implement and evaluate the use of mobile technologies and social software in the delivery of a personalised learning experience for work-based learners following HE blended learning programmes supported by FE institutions.

The project objectives are to:

·         Design, implement and evaluate a tutor support system that includes the use of  mobile technologies; mobile phones, PDAs and other devices

·         Include in the support system the use of social software such as Blogs, Wikis, instant messaging and discussion forums 

·         Include also, the use of social on-line resource providers such as Google, MySpace, YouTube and 

·         Evaluate the effectiveness of the technologies in the context of HE courses being delivered by FE staff to work-based and campus-based learners 

·         Evaluate the effectiveness of the technologies in support of the administration of collaborative teaching and learning and access to support services



This site will be used to host all the project documentation, links and other resources and will be accessible to the project team and all interested stakeholders.


The WALES  project was funded by    as part of the HE in FE Programme