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Management Meeting Archive

Page history last edited by Tony Toole 11 years, 7 months ago

This page is an archive of all past WALES project management meetings


The most recent meetings, both online and f2f, are on the main project management page.


1. f2f Meetings:


WALES project meeting agenda 050607.doc


WALES meeting presentation 050607.ppt


WALES project meeting notes 050607.doc


WALES steering group meeting agenda 200707.doc


WALES steering group meeting minutes 200707.doc


WALES project meeting agenda dec07.doc


WALES project meeting minutes dec07.doc


WALES project meeting agenda 200208.doc 


WALES project meeting agenda july08.doc


WALES project meeting minutes july08.doc 


2. Online meetings:


12th March 2009 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/f9b6f1-5981


19th February 2009 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/000d81-5843


10th February 2009 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/1cc634-5734


22nd January 2009 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/414fd4-5579


15th January 2009 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/ffc13b-5483


8th January 2009 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/422044-5458


11th December 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/5419a2-5236


4th December 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/e38d78-5059


31st October 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/0a90c8-4589


16th October 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/4515a0-4563


9th October 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/654afc-4498


2nd October 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/9ac2ef-4404


25th September 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/5c004d-4310


18th September 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/cd9638-4207


11th September 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/9a1aa7-4174


4th September 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/437c83-4119


27th August 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/05115d-4073


12th August 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/e7911c-4005


5th August 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/715564-3965


29th July 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/c2cb03-3923 


24th July 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/fmm.php?pwd=5a901a-3897


17th July 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/fmm.php?pwd=495046-3876


24th June 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/118ae8-3623


17th June 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/51153c-3527


13th May 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/6b37ec-2536


6th May 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/c2c299-2425


28th April 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/f5f057-2370


17th April 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/7a0209-2231


27th February 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/75cc32-1863


20th February 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/eb8bde-1774


14th February 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/5213a4-1745


31st January 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/e469e8-1639


9th January 2008 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/661777-1531


10th October 2007 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/fmm.php?pwd=bcc879-863


5th October 2007 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/bcc879-863


15th August 2007 http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/e9071c-740



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