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Work in Progress

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Work in Progress


This page contains all the work in progress documents, links and resources for the WALES project


Project Planning


The final versions of the project proposal and the project plan describe the aims, objectives, methods and deliverables of the project. They also contain the delivery plan and milestones.


JISC e-learning proposal complete

WALES Project Plan V4


Mobile Technology


The WALES project is exploring the use of mobile technologies by tutors and learners engaged in on-line learning. A JAVA based application for mobile devices has been developed at the University of Glamorgan that communicates with the Moodle VLE. The MobiGlam User Guide document summarises the functionality of the application that is downloaded to the mobile devices of both Learners and Tutors that enables them to communicate with Moodle and use the services provided.




MobiGlam Quick Start 


MobiGlam Technical Overview


Further information is available on the MobiGlam website:




Social Networking Software


The WALES project is also exploring the role that social networking software might play in the on-line tutor/learner support system.


The Social Networking Software review below provides a typography of the social software landscape and catagorises the different software types, their current usage and demographic information.


Review of Social Networking Software.doc


The second report on Social Networking Software below provides a SWOT analysis to illustrate the current position of its development and the issues that need to be considered when using it in an educational context.


An Investigation of Social Networking II.doc


The next report is a logical progression of the first two and it is a directory of research projects around the world engaging in the study of social software.


Web 2.0 learning projects incorporating social networking software.doc 


In order to help tutors and learners make use of social networking software in an educational context, guides are being produced for the use of key applications. The first two are guides to social bookmarking:


A Learner's Guide to Social Bookmarking.doc

A Tutor's Guide to Social Bookmarking.doc 


The Project has developed a Ning site that might form the basis of both the SNS support in this project and the Learning Environment in the eTutor project. The site is being used as part of the on-going SNS research where an active Blog is being maintained:



See: The e-College Ning Site


See also: The eTutor Learning Environment Mashup

And also: The eTutor Project Wiki




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